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  • Unite Your Essay
  • Choose What You Want to Discuss
  • Use Concrete Examples
  • Write What Interests You
  • Start with an Attention-Grabbing Lead
  • End with a Conclusion
  • Revise Your Essay
  • Ask Someone Else to Critique
  • Proofread Your Personal Statement
  • Write Clearly, Succinctly

SoP Writing Dont’s

  • Start with "I Was Born in...,"
  • Write an Autobiography
  • Try to Be a Clown
  • Impress Reader with Your Vocabulary
  • Rely on Computer to Check Spelling
  • Provide a Collection of Generic Statements
  • Give Mealy-Mouthed for GPA
  • Make Things Up

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Writing Harvard Management Statement of Purpose: How to Succeed

Is It Hard to Get into the Harvard Management Program?

Getting into any of the Ivy League colleges is hard work no matter where you are in your education or what subject area you will follow. Doing business management or an MBA with Harvard is going to boost your career prospects significantly but first, you have to get accepted. Your Harvard management statement of purpose will have a big impact on your chances of being accepted. However, writing a Harvard or Stanford management statement of purpose is far from easy.

Overall Harvard accepts on a small percentage of those that apply. As Harvard’s admission statistics show they admit just over 5% of those applying. Out of 39,506 applicants to Harvard, only 2037 were offered a place. So your application must be something special if you are to get yourself noticed. They are looking for top performers, but even if you have excellent grades and qualifications you can be sure that there are many other applicants that have the same. So you have to make them see you as an outstanding applicant and this is usually only possible through writing a successful statement of purpose Harvard.

What Are the Application Requirements for Harvard Business School?

If you want to get into Harvard management business school then you must ensure that you carefully follow their application requirements. Applications are made directly to the Harvard Business School and you must follow their process to the letter if you are to have any chance of success. A good motivation letter to study business management is not something that you can quickly rattle off when you have a few spare minutes. The following are the documents that you will be required to submit with your application:

  • Transcripts
  • GMAT® or GRE® test results
  • Harvard Management SoP
  • 2 letters of recommendation
  • Resume
  • Fee – $250
  • HBS policies acceptance
  • For non-English speakers: TOEFL®‎, IELTS®‎ or PTE results

The Secrets of Writing the Best Harvard Management Statement of Purpose

If you are to write a successful statement of purpose Harvard then you have a lot of work ahead of you. Applications to the HBS are expected to write a management personal statement that will answer the following prompt:

“As we review your application, what more would you like us to know as we consider your candidacy for the Harvard Business School MBA program?”.

harvard statement of purpose exampleThere is no word limit for writing your SoP, however, you must take care not to overwrite as the committee are simply not going to want to read “War and Peace”. They have a limited amount of time during which to review your application so it would be best to keep it between 1 and 2 pages in length.

The prompt that Harvard offers you is one of the hardest to answer as it is simply so wide open. It really does not give you any clue about what you will need to write. So writing something that is going to get you noticed while telling the admissions committee what they need to know is not going to be simple.

You must first understand what it is that they want to know. The following are some of the areas that you really must show when you write your statement of purpose:

  • Your passion for your subject area: they want to know that you are going to be passionate about what you are doing. They want to know how you became interested in management and what you have done to pursue those interests. They really want to see that you have the drive required to not only pass their program but to go on and do great things with what you will learn.
  • That you will make progress within your future career: most of those applying into business school to study for an MBA will already have a few years of work experience. During this time you will have needed to have made constant upward progress. Always ensure that you are able to show progress with everything that you have done.
  • Show that you really want to study with them: give them clear and precise reasons why you are applying to them. Find something specific that you can talk about. A specific part of their program that specifically interests you or even a particular person that you will want to work with. The more specific you are the more it shows that you have done your homework and truly studied what they have to offer.
  • Your future career plans: you need to show that you have clear medium and long-term plans for your future. They are not going to be looking for applicants that are going to float wherever things take them. They want to see you are driven to get somewhere in your career.

harvard management statement of purpose writing serviceHow to Write Statement of Purpose Harvard

It takes dedication and considerable hard work if you are to craft that effective motivation letter master management. The following advice and tips will help you to ensure that your writing will be able to get the attention of the admissions committee:

  • Take a look at our Harvard statement of purpose example: this will provide you with guidance as to what really needs to be covered by your statement and the style of writing that will be required. Do not, however, be tempted to copy as your statement must be totally unique if it is to be effective.
  • Target Harvard: never simply write one statement that you then use for every college that you apply to. Only a well-tailored statement that shows that you have a significant interest in them will have any chance of getting you noticed.
  • Work on your opening: the committee officers will be reading hundreds of different statements so if yours fails to inspire them in the first line you will simply be forgotten. That opening line must make the reader want to know who you are and what you will have to say to them.
  • Tell a story: your statement is not a rehashed version of your resume. It is always best to have some form of anecdote around which you can build a story that shows everything that they will want to know about you. Ensure that it flows well and logically and that your conclusion ties back to your opening.
  • Avoid all clichés: telling the reader that “ever since a young age…” or other clichés is immediately going to send your statement to the no thanks stack. Your writing must be totally unique and you have to make each word truly count towards your goals.
  • Use language that anyone can understand: while this may be Harvard you will not want to be digging through your thesaurus to find words that will impress. Using unusual language will simply backfire. The best writers use everyday language to paint the best pictures.
  • Always take the time to review your work and proofread with great care. Mistakes are not going to make the impression that you are looking for. Always ensure that your writing is perfect prior to submitting your statement.

writing successful statement of purpose harvardHow Can Our Professionals Help Write Your Harvard Management Statement of Purpose

We offer a professional and effective service to help you to gain the place that you are targeting in Harvard. We can help with a full writing service through to Harvard statement of purpose revision. Our staff are highly qualified with a minimum of an MBA and will work directly with you to ensure the best results. They have many years of experience supporting applicants and fully understand just what Harvard will be looking for within your application. They use their many years of experience and excellent writing skills to ensure that your statement will get you noticed.

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